CFN Packaging Altius Assured Vendor

Assured Altius Vendor.

Assured Altius Vendor.

This week CFN Packaging Ltd is now pleased to announce that we have achieved Altius Assured Vendor Status.

How will this assurance affect our trading?

We have chosen to obtain an Altius Accreditation in order to demonstrate our specific packaging capabilities. Our ability to work safely and most importantly to highlight that we comply with legislations such as the Construction, Design and Management Regulations

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Jazz Up Your Branded Carrier Bag

Why don’t you update your branding and get your company noticed.

A new design on your branded mailing bags and branded carrier bags can make a difference, show customers you’re not stuck in the past and pick a new design that fits your image.

If you need our help, the trained staff at CFN are more than willing to help. Telephone the branded carrier bag hotline 01754 897700.

Carrier Bag Printing

How do we make printed carrier bags. A quick overview of the printing process.

The film is fed through a flexographic printing press and the image required by the customer is printed onto the film. CFN have the capability to reproduce a photo on to a carrier bag.

This is possible due to the multi million pound investment that has been made in the latest printing technologies.

If you wish to receive a quote please telephone 01754 897700 or email

Product Promotion

Do you go to exhibitions to promote your products?

What a good way to get you company noticed in the right market for your business.

Promotional companies have several tools to market themselves and a real cost effective way is to give a freebie product to potential customers.

Another good way is to put that freebie into a branded or printed carrier bag with your company logo on it.

Not only will it advertise you company while people are walking round the exhibition but they will take the branded or printed  carrier bag back to work for all to see.

Branded or Printed Mailing Bags

Internet shopping is the way forward with online retailers mailing thousands and thousands of products to customers using printed mailing bags.

Ever thought of designing your own branded or printed mailing bags to promote your image and advertise your products.

People always remember a stunning design so why not do something different today, our team at CFN Packaging can help in every way from working with you on the design of your printed mailing bags to producing a high quality product that carries your image.

It’s a competitive market why not stand out from the crowd with your new design of branded or printed mailing bags.

How to Make a Printed Plastic Carrier Bag

Is printing you game?

Every wondered how you make a printed plastic carrier bag?

People think you just get a bag and put it through a printer but it is not the case. It’s a lot more in depth than that.

Check us out on You Tube  you will see a very interesting video of the start of the process, extruding the film.

Leading to the printing of the film and finally the process of converting the printed film into a printed or branded plastic carrier bag.