Flexi Loop Printed Carrier Bags

Luxury printed paper carrier bags are so expensive these days there is no doubt they are a classy product but not always affordable.

The alternative is to find a printed polythene carrier bag that look classy without being too expensive, I think the choice you need to make is flexi–loop printed plastic carrier bags. They are strong, re-useable and if you print the right image can be as classy as a paper bag with a big saving on price.

Recycle Carrier Bags

Why not start the new year by recycling your printed or branded polythene carrier bags.

You can use them as bin liners in the home or office or to store items you want to keep.

You can even take you carrier bags back to the supermarket and they can recycle the polythene to make more polythene carrier bags or refuse sacks.

Fast Track Service

This year at CFN Packaging we are promoting our fast track service for printed and branded carrier bags and printed and branded mailing bags we hope this will be useful full to all our customers.

I’m sure the promotional companies who need quick lead times will find this useful when promoting their polythene products.

Call and talk to one of our team who will be happy to help.

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